AMB Projects
AMB is constantly working to provide innovative solutions for our clients throughout the western United States. At AMB we are committed to providing the highest quality design and construction services in the industry. Below are just a few of our projects that demonstrate our commitment and dedication to building at a higher level.

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Millennium Imaging Rancho Cucamonga

West Coast Radiology Laguna Hills

Rolling Oaks Radiology

Volant Imaging Marina Del Rey

Inglewood Health Spa

Alamo PIntado Equine Medical Center

ProHealth Imaging West Hollywood

UCSF Siemens 3T MRI

Heart Center of the Antelope Valley

UCSB Siemens 3T MRI

St. Francis Medical Center Cath Lab

Garden Grove Medical Center 64 CT

High Desert Medical Center 40 CT

Moreno Valley MRI

St. Francis Medical Center ER Renovation

Inglewood Imaging